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Clear and reliable results are our primary objective when testing or assessing the safety of products. All specimens are therefore evaluated and classified on the basis of product claims made by the manufacturer and reasonable customer expectations prior to testing. By way of classifying the product, we determine the relevant and applicable test requirements. Tests will be carried out in numerous steps. The results will finally be compared with our target values. We have intimate knowledge of market developments, the latest state of the art in safety engineering and the challenges of today for the industry. Our expansive network enhances our sense of direction in a vibrant environment.


Results of test assignments are the sole possession of our clients Third parties or competitors will neither be notified directly nor be able to obtain any information The laboratories are kept closed to the public while sensitive assignments are being processed. Products tested at will be kept under lock and key for up to ten years. Confidentiality is also prerequisite for our accreditation as GS body. In view of that, our company is permanently monitored by the Federal Office of the Länder for Safety Engineering (ZLS) in Munich.


A great variety of clients benefit from our services, facilities, efficiency and expertise. T They may frequently be competitors on the market. However and in keeping with our accreditation, we always maintain strict impartiality and we will frustrate any transfer of knowledge amongst competitors through our company. This is a precondition of our accreditation.

What our customers say about us

We test your product.

As a world wide approved and accredited test laboratory for micromobility and product safety we have been carrying out tests since 1991 on our clients’ products with utmost diligence.

Testing the whole - not only the sum of its parts!

Learn more about our test methods besed on DIN standards and product category.
Maximum Testing Accuracy on State-of-the-art Test Rigs
We remove analytical guesswork by way of motor characteristics.
Certified Once, Accepted Everywhere
Profit by our know-how and accreditation

The issue of expert reports

Our experienced specialist issue your expert’s report

Expert reports from our experienced specialists

Due to their long standing experience our authorised experts are competent contact persons to furnish expert reports and damage assessments on bicycles, electric bicycles, wheelchairs, and walking frames with wheels. They are assisted by an experienced team of specialists
Partner for courts of law, insurance companies, trade and commerce as well as private individuals.
We have been a reliable partner for courts of law, insurances, trade and commerce as well as private individuals since 1991
Collaberation with technical bodies and commitees of organisations suxh as the German DIN.
In addition, we have collaborated with universities, polytechnics, and colleges over many years.and our continued commitment to technical bodies and committees of organisations such as the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) and the IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt has proven to be a huge asset.

Remain competitive through our workshops

If you don´t go forward, you go backwards. Together with us you can keep up-to-date with the very latest test procedures, legal positions or the like.

Keep up-to-date through our workshops.

Always well-informed
The Velotech experts will keep you up-to-date with changes in test standards and provisions of law, new test methods or the like.
Tailored to your particular needs
We would be happy to prepare jointly with you an individual workshop.

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