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Bicycle tests

Bicycle tests

Bicycle test lab

World wide is an approved and accredited test laboratory for micromobility and product safety.

Test laboratory for bicycles

From city and hybrid bicycles to carrier cycles for industrial sites and cargo bikes for commercial use to mountain bikes, road bikes and cyclo-cross racers used in sports and competition.

Mechanical Components
Bicycle components that may also be used on Pedelecs (frame-fork assembly, cranks, wheels, handlebar-stem assembly, brakes, etc.)
Testing in accordance with ISO 4210 and velotech Q.
Other Components
E.g. points of contact with plastic components (PAHs, etc.), paint, material, screw joints.
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Widely used materials include: aluminium, steel, CFRP and titanium but also special materials in this field like wood, to give but one example.
Quality control
In a rapidly growing market with short-lived designs or constantly changing models, quality assurance should be a key element in developing and advancing new products. Since August 2015 and thanks to ISO 4210, there are internationally accepted and standardised minimum requirements for bicycles and their components including sub-divisions for city and trekking, young adult, mountain and racing bicycles.
Legal requirements
In addition, national legal requirements apply as to the use of bicycles on public roads (cycle paths, marking, etc.).
Our tests are carried out in accordance with the latest ISO 4210 standard or the enhanced requirements of our in-house test procedure velotech Q.