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Brakebull the test bench for brakes

Defective brakes have already led to expensive recalls in the bicycle industry. These can be prevented with test stand tests. Our “Brakebull” brake test stand measures how much hand force is converted into braking force. The braking force is measured at the axle or at the point of contact, and of course in dry and wet conditions. Heat resistance and fatigue strength are also tested: Depending on the intended use and brake type, a set of brake pads must withstand a certain number of braking operations. The state of the art is 3,000 braking operations for rim and disc brakes. The standardized values are, for example, the initial speed (12.5 km/h), the duration (2.5 seconds) and the manual actuation force (300 Newton) as well as the tire air pressure until the wear limit of the pads may be reached.

We have been using the “Brakebull” for 25 years, and through constant comparison with the brake test stands of various manufacturers, we combine in it the expertise of the most renowned brake manufacturers. The measurements with this test stand are recognized by courts, as this is also covered by our accreditation.