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velotech invests in its machine park

Expansion to mark the jubilee of its accreditation: velotech invests in its machine park., one of the pioneers of testing institutes on all important questions round about the bicycle is celebrating this year the ten year jubilee of its accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025, an international standard concerning the competance, impartiality and consistent working methods of testing institutes. This jubilee is being celebrated with considerable investments in new test rigs as a means of time saving and of addressing new trends in the bicycle market. (…)

One of the huge trends in the bicycle world at the moment is the cargo bike, yet,for reason of its dimensions, it presents a challange to established processes within the industry. This is also noticeable in testing institutes whose testing rigs are sometimes not able to cope with the length and width of cargo bikes. Recently has installed a new and special roller drum test rig designed for testing single- and multi track vehicles up to a wheelbase of three metres.

A further new development in the test laboratory at is an all-in-one multifunctional test rig, which can depict several tests such as out of saddle riding and pulsing. This leads to time saving on the set-up times from one test rig to another. Marco Brust, the second generation managing director of reckons on a time saving of 20 t0 30% compared to the test rigs formerly in use.

At the same time remains true to its motto “Testing the whole – not only the sum of its parts!” if at all possible. The experts from Schweinfurt have, since the foundation of company over 25 years ago, put their trust in roller drum test rigs of which there are now a total of seven units hard at work.

Writer: Markus Fritsch

Published on: 15.04.2019

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